Compassion_Logo_Vector_Final_Art_Resized_7-16-15COMPASSION TO THE RESCUE

Helping survivors of human trafficking to rescue themselves!

Chicago Stands Against the Slavery of Human Trafficking
Here, We Work to Free Them!

Survivors and You Team Up to Heal and Liberate


Create the Resources That Will Free Those We Love So Much


Our End Goal: Freedom, Healing, and Happiness for all of America’s Children


We have found that human trafficking can be reduced by applying compassionate love.

In essence anti-traffickers are in a bidding war with the traffickers. Whoever can offer the most wins. They offer food, housing, and life-ruining addictions. If we don’t offer even food and housing we can’t compete. The more we offer the more will escape from misery.

Safe houses compete with their winning offer of food, housing and compassionate love!  But how will survivors who live in homeless shelters and who are penniless on the street find them?  How will they find regular jobs, housing, and encouraging friends?

Compassion to the Rescue goes through the homeless shelters finding survivors unassisted by our movement.  We then connect them to what they need to restore themselves, including jobs, clothing, food, emergency shelter, mentors, etc. We are the connectors, the transporters of the movement.

Compassionate love beats out anything the other side has to offer!

Turn Clutter into Compassion!

We can take your clutter to help others. We can use any unwanted items with a value of over $25.  Shoes, electronics, collectibles, and small appliances are the best. You can give it to our representative or bring it to an eBay Valet location (such as a FedEx office) near you and give them our email (
Organizing a drive in your school, church or apartment building would be great!

Compassion Adventure

Every Saturday at 2PM women are invited to get hands-on training in helping survivors.  We practice by helping people escape from homelessness. First we give out food at a shelter, then we invite some residents out to eat at a restaurant. Then our staff and the volunteers together do casework to help them get jobs, housing, etc. Contact us for more information.


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