Compassion to the Rescue

About Us

Compassion to the Rescue helps people free themselves from human trafficking right here in Chicagoland.
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which utilizes volunteers so that each donation’s effectiveness is maximized.

Our Approach

Compassionate love is our highest priority. We share that love with survivors through mutual respect, trusting relationships, and timely response to needs. We act as “roving caseworkers” to fill the advocate gap that keeps people from escaping from human trafficking.

We reach out to unassisted survivors and victims, many of whom are in homeless shelters or sleeping on the street, and get them to the services that they need to restore themselves. We connect survivors with whatever will serve each individual the best: employment, housing, food, medical services, legal assistance, support groups, mentors. We try to do whatever it takes to help survivors transition into healthy, normal lives.