Meet Our Founder

Compassion to the Rescue

Compassion to the Rescue was founded by Jesus Christ. We see His desire to help people harmed by human trafficking and have acted upon it. He feels their pain. When we take it away He feels it leave them also and rejoices with them. Mt. 25:35

We are overflowing with love for those who have been afflicted by human trafficking.

But where does it come from?

When we have given what love we have, how do we get refilled?
How do we have the strength to carry on when the stress of the work has sapped us?

The answer is: Jesus keeps sending it into us like a river. So we just let if flow out to those we love so much. By His strength, we have abundant love to share with more and more people. Because of Him more people get helped. If you choose, you can do this work without Jesus. But you will help more people if you utilize the Love from above.

First meet him for yourself. Here are some sites to help you do so: