Media Inquiries

Compassion to the Rescue

Why is this a great story to run?

Compassion to the rescue is news We go out to the streets and befriend large numbers of the homeless. This allows us to identify the survivors of sex trafficking among them. Then, we act as roving caseworkers bringing them to sometimes hard to find services. Our pay is when we find those in pain and relieve it.

Running this story will help reduce human trafficking. When you run this story more volunteers will come to help, thus, more people will end up free.

Why will your readers thank you for running this story?

They have been bombarded with stories of the horrors of human trafficking. This has caused lots of feelings of sadness, frustration and anger. But for most people there is no way for them to release those feelings through working for a solution. Human trafficking is so tricky and dangerous that doing difference-making work that you can see with your own eyes is difficult to find.  They will see their finished work for themselves and know that it went to solve the problem that they were frustrated about. They will be so glad you ran this story.

Chicagoans freeing Chicagoans

This is Chicagoans freeing Chicagoans from slavery.
The local angle is huge. Chicago has always opposed slavery. Civic pride will identify with a method conceived and executed here to combat it. We won’t stand for this in our town!