Compassion to the Rescue


Turn the work of your hands into the tools of liberation! Come stuff envelopes, do bag assembly, or packaging with us. The funds created by your labor will be donated to the local safe houses and key restoration non-profits. This will provide those harmed by human trafficking the tools they need to free themselves! To be notified of an event please submit your email HERE.

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2. HELP US FIND ENVELOPE STUFFING, ASSEMBLY, OR PACKAGING JOBS: Any job that pays that can be done by a group of volunteers can be used to free people from human trafficking. Printers, schools and charitable organizations all pay for mailouts to be prepared. If you have any association with any of those locally (like your Alma Mater) please click here to contact us. Together we can approach them with minimal effort on your part. Gift bag or package assembly jobs can be done also. If you know anyone who needs these types of workers please contact us. Finally, if you know anyone who works in the management of a temporary labor agency please introduce us. A few moments to get valuable industry information can make a huge difference.

The Compassion Response Team is an umbrella group for self governing teams of highly dedicated volunteers. These teams tackle deep, difference-making tasks. They decide for themselves which tasks they will take on according to their skills and motivations. It could be anything from needed household goods for the safe houses to safely aiding the police to effect rescue to meeting and caring directly for survivors. Some groups require application, all of them require self-motivated dedication, getting along with fellow team members, and carrying responsibility with no financial payment. Our payment is to do the will of Him who sent us and the satisfaction of helping people heal and free themselves.. An initial period of self study with testing is required. They usually meet weekly (but often by video conferencing which can be done at home). Currently, we only have one group and it is in experimental stage so it is not accepting volunteers until fall of 2015 or so. To start a group read below.


START A GROUP OR HELP LEAD AN EXISTING GROUP         To group leader types who have a specific vision to accomplish we provide: the wisdom of the rest of the movement, connections to vital organizations, cash for expenses (in the future), a flow of dedicated volunteers that we will recruit from those who kindly come to stuff envelopes.. Then, we try to be as hands off as possible letting the individual team leaders make their own decisions. Join with your vision of what you want to do and lead the group with structural help from us. Easier than building a group all by yourself. Ideas for groups can be found at: http://freeslaveswithyourownhands.org in the “groups” section. For more information please click here to contact us. Include your phone number and when you can best be reached. To get a list of current groups to join please include references with phone numbers and “like” our facebook page at: Compassion to the Rescue These groups are only for those who are up for being vetted. The security of the survivors is a major concern.

4. PROVIDE A HOME FOR A SURVIVOR Minors previously troubled by human trafficking need foster homes of some type. Anyone interested would need to be, motivated to self study, tested on that study, vetted and then approved. However, they will get help. A group of vetted, trained volunteers will assist the family by maintaining big brother/big sister relationship to make the job easier. Those interested in providing a home may first become those assistants to see if it is a good fit for everybody concerned. Possibly getting to know those who need homes first to see who fits with who. DCFS approval will be necessary and the family would take the lead in getting it but would have assistance from us to do so. Apply to the Compassion Response Team at:
Click here to contact us. As always please include your phone number, the best times to call and 2 references. These would be teenage type girls or those self-identifying as girls. Also, anyone who feels led to befriend those self-identifying-as-girls as a big/brother or big sister is very needed.